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Défi 41’s anniversary
Jun 2016
Défi 41’s anniversary

Do you remember the “Défi 41” ? A double Ironman World Record (triathlon including 2,4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking and 26,22 miles running), realised by Ludovic Chorgnon who established the new world reference in this domain, with 41 Ironman in 41 days (5757,6 miles ran) and with 44 Ironman in only one year, beating the previous world records of respectively 10 and 30.

A challenge largely considered by a majority of person as impossible, reckless, dangerous, unrealizable…

But is it all, the story of the Défi 41 : the realisation of an extraordinary sportive exploit ?

It’s so much more ! This attempt of world record always had very different objectives. First of all, it was to raise awareness about an unfairly unknowed and undervalued territory. Others goals were to value effort rather than complaint becoming more frequent days after days against everyday life difficulties, to give or restore the pleasure to do sport to a maximum of people, to create a social event where everyone would find a place and would share its fun and its skills, to prove that Vendôme is a living city and to gather people to an event which they will be proud, to generate economy…

Result ? The Défi 41 could be seen all over national TV chains, and in the entire world thanks to international interviews ; national press – sportive and non-sportive – and radio covered the event, every Facebook post propaged to some 300.000 people in the last days of the challenge, thousands of people came to see it, hundreds renewed with sport, created relations and manifestations, young people participated massively…

A true success for especially invested volunteers and more than 80 partners who were not scared to commit in this incredible adventure and for the entire territory.